We make it possible

YEAH is a circular concept where multiple systems collaborate to make modern homes completely self-sufficient in terms of energy, water, and sewage. These are the companies that make YEAH possible.


Yellon offers strategic and creative services in architecture, design, and communication. They create experiences that strengthen brands and shape development. Within the YEAH concept, Yellon is responsible for the overall system design and architecture.

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Vätterhem is municipally owned and the largest housing company in the municipality of Jönköping. They own, manage, and develop attractive housing for everyone in the municipality. Vätterhem is a collaborative partner that has financed and developed Vätterhem YEAH.

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RISE Research Institutes of Sweden is a research institute with a wide range of research areas. They have contributed to a strong consortium and have been involved in the project’s development. They were also responsible for the preliminary study within the Swedish Energy Agency’s E2B2 project.

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Mälardalen University

At MDH, research is conducted to address societal challenges, with its research in future energy and embedded systems being internationally renowned. MDH was part of the preliminary study within E2B2 to determine the technical and economic feasibility of the project.

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Nilsson Energy

Nilsson Energy is a pioneer in fossil-free energy system solutions. They deliver turnkey solutions for off-grid, backup power, power regulation, and hydrogen production. With their expertise in energy storage, they have been significant support in the development of the YEAH concept.

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Free Energy

Free Energy offers solar-based energy systems. They developed HYSS (Hybrid Solar System), a hybrid heat pump that uniquely combines solar energy and heat pump technology. HYSS is one of the key components of the YEAH concept.

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Graytec develops circular graywater recycling systems. Within the YEAH concept, the company has contributed its knowledge of sustainable water flows for homes and has been a strong partner in the project.

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ByDemand is HVAC consultants who create indoor climates where people thrive with minimal impact on the environment. With their eco-friendly expertise, they have provided valuable insights in the development of the YEAH concept.

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Carex of Sweden

Carex of Sweden specializes in climate-adapted and biological water treatment. Their systems mimic nature’s own purification process but with technology that significantly speeds up the process. This principle, implemented through the company, is also used in the YEAH concept.

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Energum consists of engineers with specialized expertise in energy system efficiency. As a partner in the YEAH concept, the company has contributed many valuable insights and energy-saving measures.

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Norconsult offers qualified architecture, environmental, and technical consulting services in the civil engineering sector. The company develops ASES (Active Solar Energy Storage), a seasonal heat storage system for solar and waste heat used in the YEAH concept.

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Green LED Service

Green LED Service specializes in LED lighting and offers a wide range of innovative, high-performance LED products that provide significant energy savings. Within the YEAH concept, the company has been a knowledge base for energy-efficient lighting.

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PUAC has been a strategic advisor since the early stages of the YEAH concept. In addition to their strategic expertise, the company has contributed economic forecast calculations for the long-term operation and management of the property.