Yellon Environmental Aesthetic Housing

We want to encourage more people to live climate smart and contribute to a better world throughout their lives. Our idea is to enable people to live well while also benefiting society and the environment. That's why we’ve developed self-sustaining homes that have a low carbon footprint and offer a high quality of life.

A new way of building, for a new way of living

Society’s infrastructure is vulnerable, and significant resources are wasted unnecessarily. It is unsustainable. YEAH is an opportunity to live off-grid in an urban environment, a circular concept where multiple systems work together to make modern homes entirely self-sufficient in energy, water, and sewage.

Planned multi-family housing in Jönköping

Together, Vätterhem and Yellon planned to build two self-sufficient apartment houses in Öxnehaga. The project was named Vätterhem YEAH and the years of preparation looked promising, but the decision was eventually made to build groundbreaking net zero energy houses.

This is a shortened version of “How YEAH Works,” you can find the full version here.

Living well and doing good together

Social sustainability is as important as ecologic and economic sustainability. The technology should work without being seen, the architecture be influenced by the surrounding nature, and the flows of the area accommodate both privacy and spontaneous encounters.

Green light in theory

RISE Research Institute of Sweden and Mälardalen University are involved in the development of the concept. As part of the Swedish Energy Agency's E2B2 program, they have conducted a preliminary study and digital simulation of the YEAH concept. The Swedish Energy Agency, Vätterhem, and Yellon provided the funding.

Read more about the research behind YEAH Read more about the research behind YEAH

We make it possible

The YEAH concept is based on collaboration between smart technologies, and the development of the concept relies on collaboration between smart individuals. These are the people and companies that make YEAH possible.

“We want to build self-sufficient apartment housing”

In 2020, Swedish Television (SVT) featured a report where project leader Pär Löfstedt shared more about the unique Vätterhem YEAH project.